Business Management & Administration

Description of Courses:

For any student who is considering pursuing a career in the business sector, the business management program can give them great knowledge, certification and hands-on experience. Along with leadership and management training, the program offers subject-specific knowledge in areas such as accounting and multimedia publications.

If you are interested in these things, you will like this program

Leadership, working as a team, detail-oriented projects, developing presentations, web design, Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign), animation

This program is great preparation for the following careers

Chief executive officer, entrepreneur, general manager, human resources manager, office manager, accounting, financial analyst, data analysts, commercial banker, web designer, logo designer, photo editor

Earning Potential in Alabama According to the U.S. Department of Labor

Graphic Design – $75,960 Certified Public Accountant – $163,000 Office manager – $84,000

Available Certifications

  • Adobe Certified Associate in Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Office Specialist in Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, ExcelEpxert, Word Expert, Access and Outlook
  • AIDT Leadership Skills I and Leadership II from the University of Alabama offered through the Chamber of Commerce

Coursework Description

Multimedia Publications – Hands-on training in graphic design, digital photography, web publishing, and digital video production. Students use various hardware and software to design complete documents. Students learn to manipulate photos, create mixtape covers, magazine covers, posters, flyers, invitations and more. Learn how to use your own creativity to design professional projects. Management Principles – Students learn how businesses function, including quality concepts, project management and problem solving. Throughout the course students will learn about effective decision making, management styles and organizational skills. Accounting I – The emphasis in this course in son analyzing and recording business transactions, preparing financial statements, learning about payroll activities. Foundations of Business Leadership – In this class, students concentrate on how mathematics, economics, and written and oral communication skills influence career success. Students study leadership and management styles and the impact they have on business and industry.They look at how resources are managed to achieve company goals. Advanced Accounting – This skill-level course builds on the foundation established in Accounting 1. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the principles of accounting with more emphasis on financial statements and accounting records.

Here’s something else that makes this coursework exciting

Students are encouraged to try one or several classes in this program. If a student is interested in just one area, they are welcome to try a graphic design, accounting or leadership class.

For more information on this program

Multimedia Design & Multimedia Publications Instructor – Charlotte Worthy at

Management Principles Instructor – Yolanda Kimble at

Leadership, Accounting I & II Instructor – Betrina Thomas at