Information Technology: Network Systems and Computer Services

Description of program

IT (Information Technology) is a program that prepares students for jobs in the computer field, handling such things as the installation, repair, maintenance and management of computers and network systems.

If you are interested in these things, you will like this program

Computer Infrastructure, Computer Repair, Networking, Computer Security, Motherboard Troubleshooting, Digital Content Management, Operating System Management, Mobile Devices, Cloud Computing

This program is great preparation for the following careers

  • Computer and Information Research Scientist (Projected Salary: $118,370*)
  • Computer Network Architect (Projected Salary: $109,020*)
  • Computer Programmer (Projected Salary: $84,280*)
  • Computer Support Specialist (Projected Salary: $53,470*)
  • Computer Systems Analyst (Projected Salary: $88,740*)
  • Database Administrator (Projected Salary: $90,070*)
  • Information Security Analyst (Projected Salary: $98,350*)
  • Network and Computer Systems Administrator (Projected Salary: $82,050*)
  • Software Developer (Projected Salary: $105,590*)
  • Web Developer (Projected Salary: $69,430*)


Software developer – $160,940

Available certifications

TestOut PC Pro, TestOut Networking Pro and Microsoft Technology Associate

Coursework and descriptions

Information Technology Fundamentals — Students are introduced to the knowledge base and technical skills needed for information technology careers. Computer basics, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting, maintenance and networking basics skills are learned.

Computer Management and Support — Students are exposed to computer hardware, computer operating systems, network architecture, network protocols, technology career opportunities and network design and security.

Networking I — Students to go through the processes of networking basics, networking designs, systems and security.

Here’s something else you need to know

Students will have the opportunity to disassemble the computer, analyze all its parts, and then reconstruct it completely.

For more information on this program

Contact the program director, Michelle Funderburg at

*Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016.