Description of program

This program gives students a basic overview of how a robot functions and how robots are used in a variety of applications.

Two different degrees or career pathways are offered in the Electronics/Robotics field. One results in a career as an Operator/Technician, which requires a two-year Associate’s Degree. The other results in a career as an Engineer, which requires a four-year Bachelor’s Degree. The goal of the Gadsden City Electronics/Robotics program is to introduce and prepare the students for each of these two career paths.

If you are interested in these things, you will like this program

Building and wiring projects, critical thinking and problem solving

This program is great preparation for the following careers

Electronic Technician, Electronic Engineer, Robotics Technician, and Robotics Engineer


Robotics Engineer – $161,920

Available certifications

Basic AC ETA (Electronics Association)

Coursework and descriptions

Digital Electronics:

DC – This course introduces DC circuit analysis. Topics include: voltage, current, and power in series, parallel, and series parallel.

AC – A study of Alternating Current.

Digital – A study of machine language or how machines communicate (interface).

Introduction to Robotics: This course provides an introduction for students preparing to work in environments using Robotics. Topics include Safety, Service, Repair, and Programming Applications.

Robotics Applications: This course is the continuation of Introduction to Robotics, and applies the basic concepts to industry.

Introduction to Manufacturing: This course provides entry level exposure and career exploration in the manufacturing industry.

Here’s something else you need to know

The robotics field is growing more than ever. In many industries the need for technicians is at an all-time high. In our area, companies like Honda, Mercedes, and Hyundai, to name a few, are always looking for skilled technicians, so jobs in this field are plentiful.

For more information on this program

Contact the program director, Brett Norman, at bnorman@gadsdencityschools.org.